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Dreampact partners with companies that are technology driven, align with unstoppable trends, and disrupt the status quo in order to create exponential growth.

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Financial Technology

Traditional finance & banking is in a state of disruption as emerging technologies are providing access to financial tools and services to more people than ever before. With millennials joining the financial system en masse, automation and mobile adoption have become a prerequisite for winning their wallet share. This democratization of financial technology provides an amazing opportunity for founders with ideas that enable more people to access & understand financial markets, provide access to the best possible capital, and make it easier to do business.

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Education Technology

We believe increased access to quality education will improve outcomes for millions of families and change the world in the process. As new technologies and methods disrupt the future of learning, dreampact aims to be on the forefront in backing the companies who put the learner first and make quality education more accessible to all.

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Entertainment is being disrupted by companies who are innovating within the current entertainment landscape or creating new frontiers altogether. This disruption is occurring across the space, from content creation to the way it is distributed to the end viewer. We see unstoppable trends developing in areas like gaming & eSports, content generation, and both virtual & augmented reality.

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Longevity & Wellness

With a more health-conscious consumer and the strong demand for products & services that promote wellbeing & extend longevity, we want to be part of this transformation by investing in areas like healthy foods & beverages and technologies that improve & extend the well-being of their consumers.

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Connected World

Innovation in areas like consumer technology, smart cities & homes, and autonomous vehicles have changed the way people work and live. These technologies and the people behind them will continue shaping the future by increasing the efficiency, sustainability, and safety of our everyday lives and dreampact aims to actively participate in this construction of a more Connected World.


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