Partnering with entrepreneurs to achieve impactful dreams

Given our experiences, capabilities, and commitment to working hand-in-hand with outstanding entrepreneurs, we make a significant impact with the companies we partner with, improving their chances of success, performance, and ultimately – delivering on big dreams.

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We are dreampact

Our partnership approach goes beyond financial resources. Dreampact brings a unique value proposition to the entrepreneurs we partner with, adding significant value and making a lasting impact.

We exist to partner with entrepreneurs to deliver on impactful dreams and build a better future in the process. We are looking for outstanding entrepreneurs who want the mentorship & support we provide, share the same values, and who are ready to take their business to the next level.


We are committed to your success

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We have experience around the world and across the c-suite

We are a group of partners with global executive experience across a wide range of disciplines. Together we have grown local companies to global players, driven product & strategy innovation, improved cash flow & sustainability, led mergers & acquisitions, and created collaborative and hard-working cultures.

Our areas of expertise include: strategy, management, sales, branding, innovation, finance, M&A, supply chain, logistics, technology, and more.

We like to roll up our sleeves

With dreampact, you can expect consistentent mentorship & feedback. Our involvement is not limited to the quarterly board meeting or investor update; we want to be a sounding board to our companies and the first call they make when thinking through a difficult decision or strategy.

We're all in this together

With all of our diverse experiences, one or more of us have likely confronted the challenges you're facing. As a member of the dreampact family, you have access to the whole team. We're are all invested in your success for the long-run.

We leverage our global network

Throughout our careers, we've built relationships across nearly every industry and geography. We're here to help make the key connections you need, whether its an introduction in a new market or strategic advice from a key industry leader.


What we are looking for

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Seed to series A companies

We like to invest early on to partner closely with founders tackling the biggest opportunities. We look for companies who are already generating revenue but who are ready to take the next step in their journey, and we exist to help them get there and beyond. We invest early and stay for the long-term.

Opportunities to make an impact

Our partnership is much more than just financial resources. We want to be deeply involved to help in any way we can. We often join the board so that we can help impact the biggest issues the company is facing and to be there when you need us most.

Skin in the game

With our active approach, we like to have 10% equity or a path to it. We want to have a meaningful stake along with the founders to align our interests and to show our conviction in the company's success.

Big ideas in the biggest markets

We're looking for amibitious founders who are creating a better world and a better future. If you're tackling one of those issues and the first three points resonate with you, give us a call.


Are you ready to start dreaming?